Meet Tsering

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"You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it."

- Charles Buxton 

It's hard to find time to do anything in this modern world. Whether it's self-care, spending time with family or completing assignments, one must manage their time effectively.  


This quote made me realise the importance of balancing the different aspects of my life during the HSC. It inspired me to make every moment count.

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Tsering is a diligent and understanding tutor with a passion for Science and Mathematics. Tsering achieved an ATAR of 85 and graduated from Mosman High School 2018, and continues to excel academically in her university studies with a Distinction average.


Tsering studied chemistry, English Advanced, Modern History, History Extension, and Mathematics Extension 1 in the HSC. Tsering achieved a Band 5 in English Advanced, Mathematics and Modern History. Tsering has experience specialising in Mathematics tutoring for Primary and High School students. Tsering also volunteers as a mentor to first year university students which has taught her the importance of providing guidance and support. 


Tsering takes an empathetic approach to tutoring and works with students with the aim of ensuring students are confident in applying formulas to solve questions. Tsering believes each lesson should leave students highly capable of practising questions independently so they can improve their confidence in the subject, and gain confidence in themselves to pursue high goals.


In 2019 Tsering started her degree in biology at Macquarie university.