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Our study coaching sessions are held in our Neutral Bay or Bondi space. The purpose of a study coach is to keep students accountable and gain a better understanding of how planning, and studying can lead to a better high school experience. As students often stress about their workload we aim to help them organise their studies so they can maintain their wellbeing and achieve their best results. 

What do study coaches help with?

A study coach can help motivate a student to complete all of their tasks in advance. It is important students complete assignments as early as possible, as this allows the student to gain feedback from the coach on the draft. The coach will go through assignment drafts with the student so they can learn how to self mark and edit their work. 

Many students struggle to understand the benefits of consistent study, this is why our coach will clearly link planning, motivation and time spent studying together.


Required vs expected vs additional study


Required study is the work teachers have specifically asked them to complete, such as homework, and assignments. Required study is often mandatory and means that a student will not pass the subject if it not handed in. 

Expected study is the work that students need to complete to get better than a passing grade. Expected study in year 7-10 might consist of a student writing two drafts prior to an assignment, practicing past papers, preparing for an exam and other similar tasks that improve the grade of the student. 

Additional study is work that is not essential to the course but may increase the students' grades. In year 11-12 students who aim for an ATAR above 90 will very likely need to complete a lot of additional study. This might consist of reading a text more than once, completing extra homework and completing additional mock assessment tasks to improve.

Good and consistent study does not always involve the introduction of more tasks and practice exams. Practice makes perfect is certainly a good way to approach high school studying. However, we understand that many students struggle to manage their current workload, this is why we will focus on students' ability to effectively study the work they are provided from school. So you can rest assured knowing your child will not come home from their session with a large to-do list, which is too overwhelming to complete.

Dedicated study hours, passionate coaches

and a collaborative and supportive environment. 


Set to Study has developed strategies to help each student achieve their goals and be calm and prepared for their assessments. We do this through one on one or small group sessions. Study coaches are students who have recently graduated and are continuing their studies in a university degree. We choose recent graduates as coaches so that they can easily relate to the student and the course content. All study coaches have a working with children's check and an ATAR above 90. To select the best study coach for your child please get in contact with us. 

At set to study we believe a student's success is based on a collaboration between the student, parents, and educators. High school can be a challenging time for all members involved. A study coach acts as a bridge for the student connecting them with the collaborates and their study goals. At the end of every session, parents will receive an email stating what was covered in the session, recommendations to improve their studying, any upcoming tasks (exams, assessments) and how much time they may need to study that week. Before the first session, the student will meet with a mentor to discuss their study goals and habits, so a report can be made for the study coach to better understand the student and prepare for the session. 


The session will vary each week to match the needs of the students and align with upcoming tasks. During the hour we will focus on the following elements, accountability and study skills, and assessment assistance. 

During the hour the student will be encouraged to voice their opinions and ask any questions they have about a topic. The session aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop their understanding of the topics, improve their confidence when speaking about ideas and most importantly learn how to study effectively.

Depending on the students' needs we can meet with the student once or twice a week. See pricing here.

Group sessions 

Sessions can be done in a group with a maximum of 4 members. Group sessions can be great for students who ​enjoy collaborating or would like to improve their confidence in the classroom. By having the opportunity to express ideas in a small, friendly group students can gain the skills to positively interact and contribute to class discussions. Group sessions are also a cost-effective way of gaining a study coach. 

One student once a week is $90 per student                                     

Two students once a week is $47.5 per student

Three students once a week is $30 per student

Four students once a week is $25 per student

Location and bookings

Our sessions take place in our Neutral Bay and Bondi space, which is easily accessible via public transport.


To make a booking please send us an email at or send us a message using our contact form here.

We are always happy to place bookings for you however, after your first session you will have access to an online calendar for you to cancel, adjust and place bookings. We also have the option of sending your child a message prior to their session so they don't forget. 

One student twice a week is $190 per student                                     

Two students twice a week is $95 per student

Three students twice a week is $63.33 per student

Four students twice a week is $47.50 per student


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