Study Accountability Coaching

After the initial Motivation Evaluation, we have three stages to our study coaching: first, we build a foundation for a new study habit with Basic Principles, then, we move to Progress. The third stage is for students needing ongoing accountability with our Study Coaching Support.


What is a study accountability coach?


 Motivation Evaluation

A motivation evaluation is an assessment of the students study habits, motivation level and areas for improvement.

The session is approximately 45 minutes - 1 hour session with Jemima (Set to Study founder and mentor) either in your home, a local library or virtually on google meet.

Jemima will suggest strategies which address specific issues. After the session the parents and student will receive a detailed report about students study habits, goals, and motivations.


The session is approximately 45 minutes - 1 hour session 

For students who receive tutoring or study coaching the report will be shared with the coaches and tutors to help them achieve their goals.

​A study coach can help motivate a student to complete all of their tasks in advance. It is important students complete assignments as early as possible, as this allows the student to gain feedback from their teachers, tutors, peers and edit their draft.

Many students struggle to understand the benefits of consistent study, this is why our coach will clearly link planning, motivation and time spent studying together.

Good and consistent study does not always involve the introduction of more tasks and practice exams. Practice makes perfect is certainly a good way to approach high school studying. However, we understand that many students struggle to manage their current workload, this is why we will focus on students' ability to effectively study the work they are provided from school. So you can rest assured knowing your child will not come home from their session with a large to-do list, which is too overwhelming to complete.​

The session will vary each week to match the needs of the students and align with upcoming tasks. During the hour we will focus on the following elements, accountability and study skills, and general assessment assistance. 


Step One: Basic Principles

Step One: Basic Principles


Basic principles is a gradual implementation of new study habits personal to the student and their upcoming assessments.

The student will have 45 minute check-ins each week with Jemima (Set to Study founder and mentor) either in your home, a local library or virtually on google meet.

Accountability goes beyond the face-to-face session, Jemima will send message check-ins and reminders to students throughout the week to see how they're managing their schedule.


Jemima will also ask for screenshots of written work or documents to be shared to see the quality of studying being completed. By seeing the completed study notes Jemima is able to better understand the student's studying style and adds a layer of accountability. 

The basic principles study coaching will be implemented over 6 weeks.

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Step Two: Progress

Progress is when your study coach takes a step back to provide you with more independence.

The progress coaching will last 2 weeks with one 30 minute session session with Jemima (Set to Study founder and mentor) either in your home, a local library or virtually on google meet.

Jemima will then make suggestions as to whether study coaching could continue or be completed.


The student will receive message check-ins, and parents will receive a weekly update of the students progress. ​


Ongoing Support

Our study coaching support sessions are best suited for Year 11 and 12 students who would like an additional layer of support outside of school, tutoring and home. However, students who need help staying motivated in years 7 to 12 can also benefit from the sessions. 

Jemima will meet with a student weekly for approximately 30 minutes each week at home, a local library or virtually. 


Support extends outside of the face-to-face sessions as the student will receive message check-ins throughout the week.


The aim is to have incremental increases in study time and improved organisational skills. 


This coaching is also great for students who have completed the program but would now like to maintain their study habit. We’re here to help you whether you need to alter your habit or re-align after school holidays or other challenges that caused a reduction in motivation. 

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