The trouble with motivation...

The trouble with motivation...

It can be hard to focus in 2019. It's hard to study with the demands of staying updated via Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. We can feel pressured to spend our time keeping connected to our friends, family, celebrities and global events so that we aren't left in the dark in daily conversations. Social media isn't the only pressure taking us away from our studies. There is another distraction; a negative mindset. The mindset we have is often heavily influenced by our peers. The attitudes our friends and classmates have around studying can change the way we think about studying.

The ancient saying rings true in many ways. However, it's not only our thoughts, it's also the thoughts of those around us. So imagine having a feeling that you couldn't improve your ability to understand mathematics. And on top of that feeling, your classmates are discussing their hatred towards the subject, the time-consuming nature of it, and possibly even saying they have given up on improving. This type of negative discussion is not encouraging to say the least. We may not be able to surround ourselves with constant positivity and motivation about subjects we find challenging - but we can find a space in our world to encourage ourselves. Some people like to start their day by waking up and saying aloud "today is going to be amazing," as this motivates them to start a good day. I won't challenge you to that (as I myself find sometimes the day ahead will be less extraordinary than the previous - so my motivation may not start on a high note). Just like social media, friends, family and the negative comments of peers aren't designed to be in our ear every waking minute - we aren't meant to be motivated and focused every second of our school lives. Studying is not about trying to be extraordinarily focused 24/7 - studying is about creating the time, place and mental space to do your best. What you do have control over is setting aside a period of time and space where you can think or say aloud "I will thrive for the next 'insert time period (1 hour)'." And as you think so you will do your best to become. The HSC is an especially challenging year - a year with the expectation of a lot of motivation. If you're struggling to keep up with assignments, or need help achieving your goal ATAR we run study coaching sessions.

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