Planning Assignments

Some students 'enjoy' the thrill of doing assignments as they remember to do them. Spontaneity can be fun, but during high school this particular 'strategy' is not only likely to cause stress but will also prevent students from having enough time to hand in a quality assessment.

Planning assignments can be done in a variety of ways. Students can use dairies, word documents, set up challenges with friends to keep accountable and so on. To see how to manually plan your assignments check out this post. However, if you would like a digital method of planning and tracking your progress, check out the free (or paid) online planning tool pacemaker. Pacemaker will allow you to keep track of your assignments, calculate how many words you need to write each day and updates the per day word count as you work towards completing your task. If you're struggling to keep track of your assessments, or would like an easier way to track your assessments, pacemaker can become your best friend in the planning world. The HSC is an especially challenging year - a year with the expectation of a lot of motivation. If you're struggling to keep up with assignments, or need help achieving your goal ATAR we run Study Coaching.

Contact us to become prepared and calm for your HSC.

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