How to memorise and check your quotes relevance

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Below is a good way to see if your essay structure is logical to you, as you should be able to associate your paragraphs theme with your quotes. This will also help you memorise your quotes.

‘Pro tip:’ Want to make some fun coloured palm cards? Give yourself a time limit! I love creating stunningly aesthetic study content as much as the next stationary and glitter obsessed student but just make sure you don’t spend too long procrastinating on them… 1 minute per card? Extra: Once you have learnt your quotes and content, ask yourself questions like “how does quote one relate to my main theme?”, you can even select essay questions and ask yourself “how does quote one relate to the essay question?” Cards: One side: Your paragraph theme: Human Connection Flip side: the quotes you use in that paragraph: “And miles to go before I sleep” “Between the woods and frozen lake” “Lovely, dark and deep” If anything here sounds a little tricky and you’re stuck, consider Set to Study one-on-one on tutoring. We have Year 11 and 12 Study Coaching to help keep students accountable.

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