How to set out your assignments

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

In my HSC I did 4 units of English – so yes I will be using English as my example however this method can be adjusted to suit all assignments.

Step One: Gather all of your assignment information 2. Word count? E.g. 1000 3. Sections? Write out how many sections it has e.g. Quotes and essay plan/brainstorm, intro, body one, body two body three, conclusion 4. Time per section? Estimate how long you think each section will take: Research = 1 hour, intro = 40 mins, body one = 1h… 5. When is it due? E.g. THIS FRIDAY!! Hopefully you plan two or three weeks ahead. 6. Now you know how long it will take to complete the assignment, dedicate days to the sections. Monday = brainstorm and intro (1h 40mins), Tuesday = Body paragraph one and two (2 hours) … 7. Now you have your schedule for this week and possibly a couple of weeks ahead. Pro tip: I like to have my assignment due in my diary two or three days before the real date. This allows for things to go wrong, so I don’t need to stress if I miss a day in my schedule or if my printer runs out of ink! #myprinterisinlovewithdisaster If anything here sounds a little tricky and you’re stuck, consider Set to Study one-on-one tutoring. We have Year 11 and 12 study coaching to help keep students accountable.

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