Edit edit edit…

Teachers will ask you to draft and edit your assessments, here is one of the methods you could choose to help you edit your essay:

If you’re over the word count: The problem of the ‘overachiever’ or the ‘babbler,’ that’s okay you can EDIT it! 1. Highlight everything! Just kidding Highlight everything that does not directly answer the question. 2. Can you rephrase it to make it relevant? If so edit it, change the wording so it answers the question. 3. Sometimes this may actually put you at the right word limit, in other cases it does the opposite, if the latter applies – stop babbling! 4. Copy the essay and save it in a separate document. Now delete the highlighted content on your original document. (I really hope majority of your essay is not highlighted!) 5. If you are now under the word count, copy and paste the sentences you rephrased from the copied document and put them back into your real document. If you’re under the word count: Oh dear… under the word count this could be the result of a number of things. Ask yourself questions such as “is it because this topic bores you or do you not know the content well enough?” Either way you can edit it! 1. Highlight every significant term in yellow, quotes in orange and concepts/themes in green. 2. First look at your quotes – are they analysed to the fullest extent of the law? (The HSC English law that is.) If not… you may want to analyse the life out of them! Just kidding, go to our article on analysing quotes to see our take on the art of analysis. 3. Okay so now your quotes should be analysed. Word count still got you down? Jump on over to your terms. When you say ‘Similarly’ or ‘Conversely’ does the rest of your sentence ACTUALLY explain the similarity or difference? If not, you will now make that happen, perhaps you need an extra sentence or two to explain this connection. 4. Finally look at your concepts and themes. You should have highlighted a few in your intro thesis and topic sentences. Do you have a backing sentence under that thesis to further enlighten your audience as to what you mean by ‘human connection?’ If not now you will go ahead and write an in-depth definition of your concept – no do not use google or Wikipedia, do not literally write the definition. You need to link your understanding of the syllabus, the essay question, the text, and the concept into a sentence. If anything here sounds a little tricky and you’re stuck, consider Set to Study one-on-one tutoring. We have Year 11 and 12 study coaching to help students stay accountable.

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