Hi! I'm Jemima, founder and English coach.
Note: This page is currently being updated, stay tuned. 

In 2017 I graduated from a school on the lower north shore studying 4 units of English and completing 3 major works. To say the HSC is stressful is an understatement! On reflection I realised something was missing from year 12, I needed someone removed from school, and family, and one hour of tutoring for a subject is not enough.


So I decided to be that someone for current Year 11 and 12 students - a study coach. Over the years I have coached and mentored various students from years 7-12 with each student providing me with more insight into the challenges of the HSC. I love listening to student's stories and helping them overcome their low motivation levels. My students would likely describe me as full of empathy, direct, non-judgmental - and perhaps they might say I'm a little obsessed with organisation.


After graduating I went straight to university where I am now studying a Bachelor of Laws and Arts majoring in Social Justice. My current 'student' status aids me greatly in understanding the different methods of studying as not only do I encourage my students to stay on track but I too have to keep myself accountable, acting as my own accountability coach. Students can receive a lot of homework accompanying a casual job, social events and extra curricular activities. So as a study coach I aim to provide a study plan with hours appropriate for the student's schedule, put simply my method is to set realistic goals with the expectation of completion. My aim is to help students adopt this way of studying so they too can be their own coach.