Tutoring sessions are run by HSC graduates who have brilliant communication skills and academic standing. All of our tutors have a working with children's check and an awareness of CovidSafe tutoring practices.

Our Subjects

Tutoring is a good way for students to better understand the content in an individualised way. However, tutoring is only a short time period each week so for students who need help staying on track with their studying outside of structured learning environments we offer study accountability coaching. Study accountability coaching is best for year 11 and 12 students, and we're happy to provide a motivation evaluation to year 7-10. Learn more here.

Primary School

We offer homework, assignment, exam and selective school assessment preparation across multiple subjects. Primary subjects are English, HSIE, Mathematics, Science and Chinese. 

Year 7-10







Year 11 and 12 - IB and HSC

Advanced English 

English Extension

Mathematics (Standard, General, Extension, etc.)





Ancient History

Modern History



For other subjects please enquire.

Adult Students
Outdoors Tutoring


What if my child doesn't like the tutor?

We can change the tutor, hassle free.

We understand not everyone gets along and we believe a student's connection with their tutor increases their engagement in the sessions. If there are any concerns we ask you to call, email or text Set to Study and we can discuss the issue to find a tutor better suited to your child. 

How do I know if my child needs tutoring?

Is your child finding it hard to complete homework, concentrate in class, manage assessment tasks, maintain interest in school or achieve their goal grades? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions this may be a sign your child could benefit from private tuition. 

Another reason for tuition is to gain a competitive edge in the classroom to achieve top scoring assessments and exams.

We encourage you to call, message or email us to discuss your child's goals.


How long will my child require tutoring? 

This depends on your child's goals. If you want a competitive edge, you will likely continue tutoring for ongoing advancement and learning.

If your child needs help with a topic or concept such as analysing poetry, we will create a plan with an estimated time frame for completion of tuition. Ultimately we want to create independent thinkers.