Set to Study

Year 7-12 mentoring, motivating, planning, exam practice and tutoring so you are set to study and HSC/IB Ready. 

"You must do the things you think you cannot do."


- Eleanor Roosevelt

Jemima came across this quote during year 9 and found it empowered her to continue advancing in her classes. She continues to be inspired by this message, believing that no matter how challenging an aspect of life may appear you can do it and achieve success in overcoming your original mindset  and struggles.

Set to Study

Set to Study's goal is to ensure every student understands that by preparing for exams and assessments they can become confident and reach their desired grades. We believe it is crucial for students to learn organisational skills to apply to their studies, as this will allow them to leave each session feeling motivated with a plan to work during the week so that they are Set to Study. 

Students are matched based on subject needs and the study method of the student. This means students are able to connect with their tutors. It is essential that students connect with their tutor as this allows them to feel comfortable asking for help during the session. A great tutor will relate to the interests of the student so they are engaged in the content therefore, experiencing a productive session.  


Jemima has a passion for humanity subjects with a special affinity towards English and Society and Culture. Her focus for Set to Study is to create independent motivated students who learn how to manage their studies and stress. Set to Study's tutors also act as mentors and have a positive, empathetic  approach. This way students can relate to their tutors and gain insight from graduates with recent experience of the stressful elements of studying in the high school environment.​

Motivation Evaluation

A motivation evaluation is a 1 hour session with Jemima and the student. Jemima will ask questions to discover the many elements effecting a student's study habit and motivation.  With this information she will then form a report which outlines the possible causes and solutions for the student to improve. The tutor will then implement strategies each tutoring session to build the student's study skills and motivation.​

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