Meet Jack

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“The person who thinks they can and the person who thinks they can’t are both right.”
- Confucius


I found this quote particularly enlightening not only in my academic pursuits but in my life, as it tells of the mindset and dedication required in order to thrive. Indeed, the person who thinks they can is far more likely to grow and succeed over the person who thinks they can’t because they are willing to try, fail and try again away from the strains of doubt, fear and insecurity.

Jack is a hard-working and passionate tutor, having graduated from Cranbrook School in 2020 with an ATAR of 98.15 and 5 mentions on the HSC honour roll. During the HSC, Jack studied; Maths Extension 1 & Advanced, Advanced English, Economics, Ancient History and Geography, receiving a Band 6 in his top 10 units and hence a place on the HSC’s ‘All-Round Achievers List’.  


Having recently completed year 12, Jack is extremely well-equipped to tutor the new 2019 English syllabus and the new 2020 Maths syllabus as well as the unchanged syllabus’s of Economics, Ancient History and Geography, of which he has a plethora of study resources and techniques. However, whilst Jack is highly capable of tutoring students in their final year, he loves working with students of all ages and has additional experience working with children through his weekly volunteering at his local library. 


Jack found his own academic success didn’t come from ridiculous hours working in some dark corner but from fostering a true passion for learning and utilising rigid study patterns/plans, both of which he aims to cultivate in his own tutorials. As such, Jack approaches his sessions in an energised and engaging manner, allowing students to gain a deep understanding of their content whilst keeping to a holistic schedule, ensuring students stay on track for their academic goals. 


Currently, Jack is studying a double degree in Computer Science and Commerce at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) where he enjoys excavating the fascinating nexus between computation and business.  Outside of his studies, Jack enjoys sailing, swimming and travelling with his friends.

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