Year 12 Success Sessions 

Accountability and study skills

The success leader   will work with students to create a study plan and ensure they are staying on top of their workload. 

Students are taught by a leader to revise or prepare for a topic. Our sessions are based on the syllabus. More details below.

Interactive Learning

Each week students will practice assessment questions with a minimum of 1 hour dedicated to students writing  in exam conditions. 

Applied Study


Each week we will provide students with tips to maintain their wellbeing. We will check in with students to understand how they can overcome challenges that interfere with their studies.

About the program


Dedicated study hours, high achieving, passionate success leaders

and a collaborative and supportive environment. 

There are so many words people use to describe success in the HSC and we love a good vocabulary list, however as soon as term 4 of 2019 starts, the HSC calls ACTION! It begins with a large amount of work and, like a film, it has the climactic events of the Half Yearly’s, Trials, Major Works and finally the dénouement; the HSC Exams. Set to Study has developed strategies to help each student achieve their goals and be calm and prepared for the HSC. We do this through small groups, as when students collaborate, they can help motivate each other throughout their final year.


Time management, organisation, motivation, stress and other elements of study can be challenging for students. This is why Set to Study doesn’t just focus on the completion of assignments. We believe effort needs to go into improving the student as a whole so they have the best chance at success. We want them to look back on their journey knowing they have grown and gained skills that can last them a lifetime. Whilst students are striving for success, there are many internal and external pressures which can hinder a student’s ability to focus. This is why Set to Study uses mentorship to support students on their individual approach to achieving the best possible outcome.

Our structure

Each week students have the opportunity to attend up to 10 hours of study in the following sessions:

  • One 3 hour English Advanced Session

  • One 3 hour Subject Session

  • One 4 hour (maximum) Study Session

English Advanced Session

The session will vary each week to match the needs of the students and align with upcoming tasks. During the 3 hours we will focus on the following elements, accountability and study skills, interactive hour, applied study and wellbeing.


Our interactive learning hour is based on the W   english advanced syllabus.   During the hour the students will be encouraged to voice their opinions and ask any questions they have about a topic. The aims of the session are to provide students with the opportunity to develop their understanding of the topics, create revision notes and most importantly improve their confidence when speaking about ideas. To find out more about the 3 hour class you can view our term schedule PDF document below or enquire via email.

Subject Session

The session will vary each week to match the needs of the students and align with upcoming tasks. During the 3 hours we will focus on the following elements, accountability and study skills, interactive hour, applied study and wellbeing.


The Subject Session is an opportunity for students to come prepared with questions and gain assistance from top performing graduates in a variety of subjects. The success leaders will start the session by providing wellbeing and study guidance, which includes checking in with each student to see how they find the study load and provide accountability. The main goal of this session is to ensure each student has the materials and help they need in their HSC subjects. Subject sessions may include advancing students knowledge, providing extra homework, revision or assistance with current homework or assessments.

Study Session

The goal of this session is to provide students with a quiet, motivating environment for students to study. During these sessions students are welcome to ask questions relating to study skills. The sessions will vary depending on the needs of the students, this may mean the session is turned into an exam practice or uses the pomodoro technique of study. The pomodoro technique involves studying for a set number of minutes and then having a short break, with the pattern continuing. 

Keeping parents updated

At the end of every session parents will automatically be emailed a session note. In the session note there will be a general overview of what content the success leader taught, upcoming assignments and any homework that has been set. The leaders will monitor students rate of completion in relation to homework and assessments to ensure they are studying in a way which is productive and efficient

The team

Our success leaders will mentor, tutor and guide each student through to the completion of the HSC. Success leaders are graduates from recent years who have achieved an ATAR above 95 who have a passion for sharing their knowledge and experience with others. Their ability to relate to students enhances the mentor process and provides a connection between the leader and the student.

Strategy Session

Any student or parent who is interested in our Success Class is encouraged to meet with our mentor Jemima for a Success Class strategy session. This session can be taken anytime prior to booking or after booking the students place in our Success Session. During the session Jemima will make a motivation assessment to understand how to student approaches their studies. Jemima will also discuss how the Success Sessions work and answer any questions the student may have about our Year 12 HSC Success Sessions. The information will be provided to the student and parent. The assessment will also be provided to the Success Session leader after they confirm their placement in the class.

Term schedule​ and location

Our classes take place in our Neutral Bay and Bondi space, which is easily accessible via public transport.


To make a booking please select one of the forms below. 

Term 4 2019

Starts 14th of October

Concludes 22nd of December

Class Schedule

Y12 HSC Success Sessions 

Subject: HSC Subjects

Year: 12 HSC

Session times: Refer to above class Schedule PDF

Sessions: 10 hours p/w

14/10/19 - 22/12/19

There are places available

Limited to 6 students per session



10% off when full payment for Term 4 is made. Offer ends August 20th.

Term 4 2019

Term 4 is the first term of Year 12. To optimise study and the personalised study plan, we recommend weekly attendance and accept bookings in 10 week blocks (1 school term).

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Payment Options

Please get in contact to discuss a payment option that suits you (fortnightly, monthly, etc.).

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