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What our 3 hour sessions involve:

Set to Study has a ratio of 1 tutor to 6 students, this differs from the classroom of 20-30 which sometimes can be challenging for students to ask their questions. Our small study groups offers a safe no judgement zone for students to confidently ask questions and get the help they need to improve.

Year 12 has a three hour session, complete with all the tools students need to successfully continue their studies during the week. 

Year 12 has a lot of independent study which requires students to investigate and seek help from those around them such as, teachers, parents and their peers especially when gaining feedback for tasks like essays and major projects. However sometimes all this independence can become overwhelming as students often find themselves with an abundance of due dates ​acting as one of the only elements of accountability students follow. 

Set to Study offers a place for them to keep track of their workload with one of the key strategies providing them with mentorship taking a compassionate approach considering the students stress levels which many feel are elevated by a external and internal pressures. We aim to be a third factor removing these usual feelings of panic and unpreparedness felt by students in other environments. 

As the focus of year 12 is on both internal assessment tasks and external exams or projects our sessions will focus on how to effectively prepare and complete each element of their tasks.

In the final year of high school both exams and assignments are important which is why ours sessions will vary each week to include exam practise, and assessment help.

Set to Study, Neutral Bay & Bondi Tel: 0458 781 806 Email:


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