Feedback Friends

Personal tuition plan

The tutor will work with each student to customise a study plan according to upcoming assignments, assessments and exams. 

Individual approach

Improve grades and confidence

Our tutors work with students to not only improve grades but also provide a mentor approach, aiding in time management, confidence and stress management.




What subjects do we provide feedback for?

HSC humanities and english assignments, past papers, or other tasks related to coursework. 


What kind of feedback do we provide?

The feedback we provide varies depending on the subject. Our aim is to provide detailed feedback and comments which help to improve your assignments. 

Who are your feedback friends

You will receive feedback from a recent graduate who achieved an ATAR above 90. Our feedback friends comment as fast as they can, we aim to have your feedback back to you within 48 hours maximum. Most feedback will be provided back within 24 hours.

Our feedback friends process





Step One: fill out our feedback friends form on our contacts page

Step two: Receive confirmation of your feedback friend, you will receive an email or text with their grades.

Step three: make payment on the invoice

Step four: Receive your feedback from your feedback friend! 

For additional feedback your feedback friend will look over your edits for 50% of the original price.


The cost is as follows. 



One extract  is a maximum of 800 words in one assignment.



One essay  is a maximum of 1200 words in one assignment.



Two thousand words this can be two seperate assignments which reach a maximum total of 2,000 words or one assignment.


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