Meet Carla

“you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done” 

- Thomas Jefferson

This quote inspired Carla to push herself through her HSC to achieve her best possible mark. It resonated with her belief in the necessity for perseverance and determination for success, not talent, luck or super powers! With goal setting and hard work, anything you believe is possible.

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Carla graduated Queenwood School with an ATAR of 98.60, and was an HSC All Round Achiever. She completed the accelerated maths course in year 11, and studied English, geography, physics, biology and extension 2 maths in year 12. Carla received Academic Honour Awards 2015-17, as well as awards for her commitment to athletics, netball, basketball and choir. ​


Carla is an enthusiastic maths and science student. She loves to understand the world around her, and is always ready for an interesting discussion with other people. Carla is passionate about sharing knowledge and experience with others, and helping them make the most out of their own high school journeys. When tutoring, she believes in embracing the content and understanding topics in a wider context in an individual’s world, helping students gain a deeper understanding of their coursework.​


In her gap year, Carla has worked tutoring maths and English to primary aged students, as well as running maths tutorials at Queenwood, her old high school. She has also lead workshops for computer coding using LEGO MINDSTORMS while working at Bricks 4 Kidz.


Carla has lived in Sydney her whole life, attending high school locally at Queenwood School for Girls. Carla is currently on a gap year to work and travel before commencing studies in biomedical engineering at UNSW. Outside of the classroom Carla’s hobbies include playing guitar, martial arts, and going to the beach on a sunny day.​