Meet Ashleigh

Illustrated Medical Heart

"Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying."

- Roy T. Bennett


This quote provided Ashleigh with the motivation needed to work hard. Ashleigh places effort in her preparation and drafts for assessments as without this effort, there is untapped potential.

Ashleigh is an enthusiastic and understanding tutor with a passion for English. She recently graduated from Redlands in 2020 receiving her IB diploma with 88.15 ATAR equivalent. Having experienced year 12 during a pandemic has certainly taught her how to successfully face an uncertain and challenging situation. Ashleigh studied English Literature and Language (higher level), Biology (higher level), History (higher level), French Ab Initio, Music (majoring in composition) and Mathmatics studies.


During Ashleigh's IB service element she tutored primary school students in years 5 and 6 in Mathematics. 


Ashleigh is well versed in the content of the syllabus for each of the subjects she studied. Ashleigh believes tutoring offers students the opportunity to experience great support from a mentor figure in their studies. Being approachable allows students to ask her questions and create a good relationship with them.  


Ashleigh received an early offer to Macquarie University for Bachelor of Arts in 2020. But ultimately decided to pursue a double degree for Bachelor of Arts majoring in English, and Bachelor of Science majoring in Human Biology at Macquarie University. These two diverse subjects will allow Ashleigh to develop her understanding and continue her learning journey.