"“We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. "

- Marie Curie

Amanda has a passion for reading and expanding her understanding of all subject matter. Amanda likes Curie's quote as is she believes in fostering a student's confidence through their engagement with materials.

Amanda is an approachable, dedicated and passionate STEM specialist who also excels at humanities and languages. Amanda achieved an ATAR of 98.30 and graduated Queenwood School for Girls in 2017. Amanda’s interest in all subject areas makes her an excellent all-round tutor who can also provide specific expert knowledge for Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics.




Amanda has a strong passion for tutoring an educating other students, seeing them achieve their potential. She finds it incredibly important that students truly understand the material they are learning in order for them to engage with the content and differentiate themselves from others. 




Amanda has tutored mathematics for students in years K-11, at school and since graduating in 2017. She has an interest in tutoring older years with a focus on Biology, Mathematics Chemistry or English. 




Amanda was born in Brazil and moved around her whole life. She attended Queenwood School for Girls in Sydney from years 9-12. She is currently taking time off school but intends to study biochemistry at university.

Set to Study, Neutral Bay & Bondi Tel: 0458 781 806 Email: enquiresettostudy@gmail.com


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