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Be prepared so you can be calm, set to study and achieve your goals.

- Jemima Barlow

Study accountability coach.

Meet Jemima

Founder and Study Coach 

Hello, and welcome to Set to Study!


High school presents students with an array of challenges and I also know that these challenges can be overcome!  


The most common element that students struggle with is trying to do their best, but not always knowing how to approach their studies. 


Set to Study's aim is to help students make clear academic goals, and develop strategies to achieve them. 


Our belief is that through consistent effort, confidence, and an application of study skills students will become balanced in their studies and achieve results.



What I Specialise In

Helping students stay accountable

Establish study habits

Finding the right tutor from our team

Set academic goals

Personalised study plan

Students Writing on Board

β€œThe future is literally in our hands to mold as we like. But we cannot wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow is now.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt 

Thank you so much for the continued support from Emma and Jemima, Emma was a great tutor. Even though she struggled with her subject, Emma had given her various ideas to solve the difficulties.

- Julie, Parent 2020 *Anonymous.

Thank you Jemima we had such a positive experience with Luis tutoring Ben* in Maths. Thank you for asking all the questions in the beginning to ensure such a great match.


Luis is so professional, polite, organised and punctual. He covered all the content each week. I really appreciated Luis's ability to be pro active and have a plan for each session. Thank you for your motivational meeting with Ben* it has been very insightful.

Your website is awesome it make it so easy for me to book tutoring times and to pay my account.

- Olivia, Parent 2020 *Anonymous

Our Purpose


Set to Study's purpose is to be a place where we not only help students understand their academic content, but learn how to study and stay accountable. To accomplish our goals we have an exceptional tutoring team and study coach.


​Our aim is to create a personal approach to students motivation. We analyse their behaviours and teach students how to manage their time to achieve their study goals. 


For students who need help with motivation to complete their tasks on time we recommend study coaching. Many students struggle to understand the benefits of consistent study, this is why Jemima will clearly link planning, motivation and time spent studying together. Learn about Study Accountability Coaching here.



For the students who needs help perfecting and improving their understanding of a subject, check out our Private Tutoring here.

Get In Touch

Email: enquiresettostudy@gmail.com  /  Tel: 0458 781 806

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