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Be prepared so you can be calm, set to study and achieve your goals.

- Jemima Barlow

Book Club English Coach

Meet Jemima

Founder and English Coach 

Hello, and welcome to Set to Study!

in 2018 Set to Study was established with the goal of helping students feel calm and confident when approaching their assessments. In 2021 Jemima created Book Club English sessions to provide students with the space to advance their English skills, whilst also getting the opportunity to express their thoughts with other passionate readers.

One of the most common issues with high school English is the way the materials are presented don't appeal to students. It can be especially difficult during the lockdown periods for students to engage in a large class online. 

Set to Study's aim is to provide a fun English format in the style of a Book Club. Over eight weeks we will go through one book encouraging thoughtful discussions in small online sessions.

Our belief is that through consistent effort, confidence, and an application of study skills students will become balanced in their studies and achieve results.

What I Specialise In

Exploration of Key Concepts

Analysis of a text's context and content

Improving grammar and punctuation

Application of Metalanguage 

Understanding an essay structure

Students Writing on Board

“The future is literally in our hands to mold as we like. But we cannot wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow is now.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt 

Our Purpose

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Set to Study's purpose is to be a place where students feel confident to develop their ideas in a friendly group or one-on-one setting. ​​

Set to Study has had some wonderful changes! We now offer Book Club English: Small sessions with a maximum of 5 students, 1 hour a week for 8 weeks. These sessions combine the fun of a book club, with the skills of an English class. 

We will continue to offer private English tutoring, with Set to Study founder, Jemima. In addition, Jemima will be focusing on her passion for English which means our Study Coaching and other subject tutoring is no longer available. 

​For students who would like to join our Book Club English sessions, enquire here.

For the students who need one-on-one English tutoring check out our Private Tutoring here.

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Email: enquiresettostudy@gmail.com  /  Tel: 0458 781 806

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